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Benefits include:

  • Choice of stylish templates designed especially for musicians.
  • Most musical genres covered, including teachers.
  • Update or change your site whenever you want.
  • Have as many pages and sections as you like.
  • Use our stunning photography and/or upload your own.
  • Add as many videos and Soundcloud files as you like.
  • Link to your social media and any other sites.
  • Free 2 week trial.


Here you can view the different template styles available. There are dozens to choose from so click on one or more of the filters to narrow your selection down. Then click on any one of them and scroll your way through.

View available templates

By colours

Choose your colour.

After choosing a style below you may also see other colours this style is available in by clicking View colour options in the pop up dialog.

By features

Click here to select what features you would like included in your template, eg if a shop select 'Ecommerce' (you can select more than one).

Please note, you can still add features to your site even if they are not included in the template, although for a Search feature you will need to ensure that your Subscription level includes search.

By genres

Choose a genre to view templates that may include images specific for this genre

Advanced filter

Layout style

Layout style
The layout of the site overall:

Spanning styles have elements which span the whole browser width.

In framed styles the page content is inside a frame with a specific width.

In floating styles the content seems to float in the browser window without clear boundaries.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility
Choose the level of mobile compatibility that is important for you

Mobile compatible: These sites are compatible with mobile devices, but not fully optimized for them. That means that the visitor to your website may need to zoom in/out in order to read all the details of your site.

Optimized for mobile: These sites are fully optimized for mobile devices.


Most styles allow you to change the overall page width if you want to, while in others the width of the page is fixed.


Show only colour schemes of a given style