Clikbuild is a service whereby we build your initial website for you based on text and information you provide in a Word file and images you send us. Once built, we show you how to update your site via the admin system. This makes it ideal for those who would prefer us to do the initial website build, but would still like control of updating its content.


For Clikbuild customers, we simply increase our year 1 subscription charge, after which we revert back to our usual prices, as follows.

Subscription type Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Year 1 with Clikbuild £260.00 £280.00 £325.00 £620.00
Year 2 onwards £50 pa £75 pa £150 pa £500 pa

So in effect, a Clikbuild with a Bronze subscription only costs an extra £210 - and with a Platinum is only an extra £120! These are all the costs you incur for your website - including VAT*. See our Prices table for full details.

How does it work?

  • Create a ClikBeats account by signing up for a free 14 day trial.
  • Download and complete our Clikbuild Word file template, which also provides instructions for your images. Feel free to include scanned roughs or additional notes.
  • Email the completed file to us at [email protected] and submit your images as instructed.
  • We will then build your ClikBeats website, usually within two weeks of having received your brief. (Exact timings may depend on how busy we are at the time.)
  • Once this has been done, we ask you to log on and pay. You can optionally buy a domain name through us (for as little as £6.50 pa); or link up your site to a domain name if you already have one. Your website will be live within 24 hours of you paying (although your domain name may take a further 48 hours).
  • We send you instructions on how to update the basics of your website, namely text and images. You also have access to our email support service as well as our guides and other support materials.
  • Please note we are unable to offer telephone support for our Clikbuild service. However, we will appoint an individual person to your account, who will work closely with you while building your site.

When it comes to putting a website together, Clikbuild is about as easy as it gets. With a year 1 price of only £260 and then as little as £50.00 pa from year 2, it really is excellent value for money. Download our Word file template and start creating your website now! Or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Benefits include:

  • Choice of stylish templates designed especially for musicians.
  • Most musical genres covered, including teachers.
  • Update or change your site whenever you want.
  • Have as many pages and sections as you like.
  • Use our stunning photography and/or upload your own.
  • Add as many videos and Soundcloud files as you like.
  • Link to your social media and any other sites.
  • Free 2 week trial.