Prices & features

Subscription type   Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 Year   £50 £75 £150 £500
2 Years   £90 £135 £270 £900
3 Years   £130 £199 £395 £1200
Clikbuild Year 1 ? £260.00 £280.00 £325.00 £620.00
Special features    
Unlimited Soundcloud and video files ?
Max number of media files ? 25 100 500 2500
Max size of media files ? 50Mb 500Mb 2Gb 10Gb
E-commerce ?
Max number of products ? 50 250 2000 5000
Max number of additional images ? 100 300 1000 5000

Included with all subscriptions


Access to all template styles
Choose from a wide range of stylish template styles, each with a range of colour schemes.
Change your site whenever you like
You can change your site whenever you want and as often as you like. Our Preview mode allows you to view any changes you make – which you can then make live when you are ready.
All hosting costs are included in the subscription price. We have an excellent hosting track record and very rarely achieve less than 100% up time.
Email support
We offer an excellent email ticket support service, and aim to reply within 24 hours. A recent survey showed a satisfaction rate of over 95%, with more than 96% saying they had received a reply within 24 hours (over 1,000 respondents).

Site stucture

Unlimited number of sections & pages
You can have as many sections and pages as you like. We offer a variety of section types, including single pages, multiple pages (good for blogs), contact forms, galleries, links/directories, etc – you can even have a blank section which you can build yourself.
Sub or 'child' sections
Create different types of sections and apply them to one menu item on your website, where they appear as sub sections.

Site management

Preview & Make live modes
Our Preview mode allows you to view any changes you make without applying them to your live site until you are ready. For our styling features, you can also clear and restore your settings.
Default domain name
All of our customers are provided with a default domain name, eg, replacing ‘joebloggs’ with whatever you entered when you initially registered.
Buy a domain name through us
You can buy a domain name through us for as little as £6 pa, which we automatically link up to your website, eg Whilst your site can still be accessed via your default domain, eg, having your own domain does appear a lot more professional.
Use your own domain name
If you already have a domain name, you can follow some simple steps to apply it to your website with us.
Email address
If you buy a domain name through us, eg, you can also buy 2 email addresses for £20, eg [email protected].
Search engine friendly
Our system is very search engine friendly. We also provide tips and advice on how you can best ‘optimise’ your website for maximum impact.
A weekly stats report
We provide a weekly report showing how many users have been on your site, as well as how many visits you have had and how many page clicks have been made.


Facilities to set up a full ecommerce site
Our system allows you to create your own ecommerce website. As well as a checkout and basket facility, you can also quite easily link up to your PayPal account to take payments.

Images & galleries

Unlimited number of galleries & sub-galleries
We offer considerable flexibility in how you set your galleries up. You can have as many galleries as you like structured however you like - including sub-galleries, which can also appear as drop downs from the main menu.
Unlimited images through flickr
It is possible to display images from a flickr gallery without affecting your image allowance. This can be a flickr photostream or specific flickr image set - and if you update your photostream, your website will be automatically updated as well. However, there is limited functionality on these images.
Bulk image upload
Upload up to 100 images at a time and assign them to a gallery while you are doing it (typically drag and dropping them in). And if you name the image in the correct way on your computer, our system can also pick up a caption and reference from your file name, which can save hours of work!
We offer a wide range of stylish slideshows that you can use to showcase your images, either on your home page, as a dedicated section, or just about anywhere on your website. These include some fancy designs in Adobe Flash, as well as some stylish non-Flash layouts (you can’t view Flash designs on many mobile non-computer devices).
Carousels & popups
Display your images in one of our many fancy carousel designs, either in a gallery or just about anywhere on your website using our Other content feature. Image enlargements can optionally be shown as popups, which can make browsing quicker as there is less reloading of pages.
Image sizing
Set the maximum width and height of your images before upload - both enlargements and thumbnails (having thumbnails at the same size throughout your galleries can look particularly effective).
Add watermarks to images
You can easily add a watermark to your images to protect them from illicit copying. Use our default version or create one yourself.

User contact

Contact form (customisable questions)
This facility allows users to contact you through a form on your website. You will be sent a copy of the message to your email address (the one you used to register with us); and it will also be sent to the Messages section in your admin system. You can also customise the questions, have as many forms as you like, and put them just about wherever you want on your website.
Message forwarding
We forward any messages received via your contact form to the email address you registered with us.
Captcha facility to stop spam
Stop spam using a ‘captcha’ graphics facility, which you can easily incorporate into your contact form.
Post messages you receive in a dedicated ‘Guestbook’ section on your website.

Add 'Other content'

Header graphic
Add your own logo or graphic to your website. As it is seen on every page, this can be a particularly effective branding tool.
Add extra menus
You can add extra menus to your site and put them wherever you want, eg for small print, legal notices, or whatever else you decide.
A favicon is the small logo you often see in your browser next to its domain name and/or in the address bar. They can be very useful in giving your website prominence.
Add Facebook/Twitter & other logos
You can add Facebook and Twitter icons to your site, as well as other logos/icons that may be useful.
Blocks of artwork
Add blocks or pieces of artwork to just about anywhere on your site. Whilst these can’t be read by search engines, they can add a real depth of quality and professionalism if well-presented.
Add videos
You can add as many (You Tube) videos to your website as you like, and position them just about wherever you want - even resize them.
Location indicator
This feature replicates the section name on whichever part of your website you like, eg at the bottom. This can be handy if you have a particularly long page and the user may be confused whereabouts they are on your site.
Add footnotes
You can add footnotes, copyright notices, etc.
Create a blog using our ‘Multiple page’ section.

Custom styling

Choose from a wide variety of fonts. Change its size, bold, italic or underline. Edit line and word spacing - even ask the system to change casing. You can also align containers of text to the left, right or centre.
Text and background colours
We offer great flexibility in terms of colouring – for both text and background colours. You can even put in a gradient of colours in the background – with a gradual merging from one colour to another. This is in addition to the standard template colours.
Edit borders & padding
Choose to show and edit the borders around the various ‘containers’ of each web page. You can also increase/decrease the spacing – or padding - between the borders and the edge of the content on any given page.
Move page content around
Each web page has a number of ‘containers’ (of information), eg the title, main body text, etc. These can be moved around on the page, albeit with limitations.
Align content left, right or centre
Each web page has a number of ‘containers’ (of information), eg the title, main body text, etc. Generally speaking, it is possible to left, centre or right align the content of the container, such as text, a menu, image or heading, etc.
Add a colour or image as a backdrop
You can add an image or select a colour as a general backdrop to your site. If an image, its opacity can be changed/faded, which can be quite effective. This can be really helpful when trying to establish a brand colour scheme/look throughout the site.
Add images anywhere on your site
You can add images to just about anywhere on your site, even in standard text fields. You can also control the size they appear – and their alignment to the part of the web page they appear on. The system can even add a link to an enlarged version of the image if shown as a thumbnail - and in many cases, add the image caption.
Format text
You can format individual pieces of text just about anywhere on your site. This includes putting text into bold, underline or italics. It also includes putting a list of lines into bullet points or number sequence.
Add links anywhere on your site
You can add links from your text just about anywhere on your website. This includes links to external sites, email addresses and links to your own site. You can also turn the link into text, such as ‘click here’.
Advanced styling options
There are also a lot of additional options available to advanced users and web programmers that can provide almost complete customisation and styling.